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East New Ulm, MN

Redstone is located in New Ulm, MN and is part of a quarry now owned by New Ulm Quartzite Quarries. The first quarry on the site was established in 1858 by Michael Schulz of Redstone. Today the quartzite aggregate goes into bituminous mixes and concrete mixes for road paving. Because quartzite is such a hard, crystalline rock it won’t absorb moisture and has no issues with freezing and thawing in the wintertime.

In 1880 the Redstone Bridge was constructed to aid in transportation for the quarry. This bridge was part of the Chicago & North Western mainline across the state of Minnesota. The Redstone Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the state of Minnesota that is still in operation.

Image near Redstone

Redstone - Redstone Bridge Crossing the Minnesota River

Redstone Bridge Crossing the Minnesota River