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Touch The Sky Prairie

Touch The Sky Prairie

Hardwick, MN

A project that started in 2001 by photographer and filmmaker, Jim Brandenburg, is now a prairie made up of more than 800 acres and preserved for public enjoyment. The prairie is home to a Sioux quartzite ridgeline that runs over a mile. In some areas the rocks are smooth and have almost a glassy finish as a result of herds of bison rubbing against them. The goal for the project is to see bison roam in the area again, among hundreds of native species of flora and wildlife.

Images from Touch The Sky

Touch Sky - Close-up View of Sioux Quartzite

A close-up view of the Sioux quartzite found here.

Touch Sky - Precambrian Recliner (1.7 Billion Years Old)

The Precambrian recliner, it’s 1.7 billion years old!

Touch Sky - East Ridge Line

A portion of the east ridgeline.